Information on Hungarian entry requirements due to COVID-19 situatio

2020. április 2. 

Based on Government Decree 81/2020. (1 April) on enforcement measures to be taken during the state of danger declared for the protection of the health and lives of Hungarian citizens and for the recovery of national economy as well as the respective Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations, following persons are allowed to enter Hungary:

  • Hungarian nationals,
  • EEA nationals holding a permanent residence card,
  • diplomats accredited to Hungary.

Government Decree 81/2020. (1 April)

Entry is granted to all EEA nationals holding a registration certificate and a Hungarian address card.

No entry is granted to non-EEA nationals, irrespective of holding a permanent residence permit.

Hungarian nationals’ family members 1) being EEA nationals but holding no residence permit or 2) holding a residence permit but not being EEA nationals are welcome to submit a leniency application to enter the country (Section 4 (1)).

Applications for permission of transit of humanitarian relief may be submitted based on Section 4 (2) of the Government Decree.

For further information please consult the Border Protection website: 

About transit in Hungary

Only for transit!

Information note on freight traffic and transit traffic: 

The decision that allows freight traffic crossing through Hungary unhindered, but under strict oversight, ensures the continuous supply of the Hungarian people. 

Those freight carriers that are bound for Hungary, bringing goods to the Hungarian people, play a crucial role. 

Freight carriers with the destination beyond Hungary may enter, but under strict safety conditions, and are only allowed to use highway routes and fuel stations designated for this purpose. This is allowed continuously. 

Regarding foreign citizens wishing to enter Hungary from Austria and Slovenia, citizens of the neighboring countries and Bulgaria may also transit through Hungary. The condition of their entry is the assurance of the exit, which means we require an approval from the neighboring countries to admit the people wishing transit through Hungary. Citizens of the countries concerned can use the designated transit corridors from 9 PM to 5 AM.